My first Aussie came into my life in 1987 - a red merle girl named Kasey. I was riding and showing Appaloosa horses at the time and everyone had an Aussie. After seeing an ad in the paper for an Aussie I had come to find this was the home of the LoMascola's who also showed Appy's and had once owned my horse Red Barron about 15 years earlier. Strange how life works.

Kasey went everywhere with me and Barron. When I went off to college my Dad and Kasey became inseparable. She was the self appointed guardian of his house and the neighbors on either side of us (when she wasn't napping under the bushes of course), until she crossed the rainbow bridge one week before her 14th birthday.

In college I switched to riding hunters and got two Pembroke Welsh Corgis - Lucy and Elly. Fate stepped in again in 1993 when I ended up at Toni Lake's Kinnebrook Farm to look at (and eventually buy) a beautiful two year old filly named Willa. Toni of course had several beautiful Aussies by her side. But it wasn't until 2000 that I rescued a blue merle Aussie named Mickey. The girls showed him how to be a farm dog and he and I started agility and obedience classes together. I was then again bitten by the "Aussie bug" and went in search of another agility dog.

By way of a friend in agility class I met Emmy at Terra-Blue and Riley. A few weeks after I took him home Emmy asked if she could take him to some shows. I said sure since I had no interest in that "Foo Foo dog showing stuff". I went and watched one show and being the competitive person I am said "I could do that!" And that was it, my aspirations to compete in obedience and agility died and my Absoloot passion for the conformation ring began.

Fast forward a few years and the heart and sole of Absoloot came into my life just when I needed him the most. A whole hearted thank you to Sandy Landry of Vinelake Australian Shepherds, Loot is truly my once in a life time dog. We have seen a lot of this country and accomplished a lot of amazing things together. He is the reason I can't imagine any other breed than an Aussie. Loot is now retired from the show ring but I love hearing about his kids, grandkids, and great-grandkid's accomplisments!

Located in beautiful Northwest corner of Connecticut, Absoloot is small hobby "kennel". My dogs are 100% part of the family. They do not live in crates or a kennel. The couch is without a doubt their preferred sleeping spot. They are raised on a raw and holistic kibble diet with lots of fresh air, exercise and minimal vaccinations (click here for more info on vaccinations). They are registered and shown in both ASCA and AKC. They have their eyes cleared yearly by a certified canine ophthalmologist and are tested for the cataract gene mutation. They all receive an OFA hip and elbow reading at two years old, are DNA profiled, CEA, PHA and MDR1 tested. I believe any and all information available is of the utmost importance when trying to raise the healthiest and happiest Aussie.

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