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2022 - Titan x Kandi
2021 - Connor x Demi
2020 - Rhett x Kandi
2020 - Omi x Bunny
2020 - Jimmy x Kandi
2019 - Jackson x Attie
2018 - Rhett x Kandi
2017 - Loot x Kandi
2017 - Bravo x Tattle
2016 - Trace x Tattle
2015 - Bravo x Deja
2014 - Rowan x Tattle
2014 - Bravo x Tattle
2013 - Tater x Lexus
2013 - Loot x Glamour
2012 - Sam x Lexus
2011 - Sam x Lexus
2010 - Goliath x Lexus
2009 - Ruckus x Lexus





Companion and performance puppy pricing starts at $3,500 for a well bred puppy from a preservation breeder. These puppies have had their eye exams, first shots, have begun crate training, leash training and have had experience in many different social situations. A $500 deposit is required and is non-refundable. For more information on minimal vaccinations, click here.

Companion trained young adults are occasionally available starting at $3,800.

Show and breeding stock 'to the trade' ONLY. Pricing and contracts by private agreement.

Tremendous care, expertise, time and effort go into the raising of Absoloot dogs. I respectfully ask that requests are not made for 'discount pricing'. Thank you in advance.

If interested in an Absoloot puppy, please complete the questionnaire below and email it to me.


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Impact of Exercise on Puppy Growth Plates



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